Looking for a wine refresh? We got you: our new 4th STREET spritzers are a lightly-sparkled combo of fresh flavours in convenient 440ml cans. Inspired by street culture, the spritzers are available in three fresh flavours: Cool Botanical, Wild Cola and Rockin’ Raspberry.

The Cool Botanical spritzer is a modern combination of fresh elderflower and cool cucumber, with a juniper twist. This easy-drinking refreshment is best enjoyed chilled, straight from the can.

Inspired by the Katemba cocktail, the Wild Cola spritzer is a cool combination of fruity red wine flavours and refreshing cola. Best served chilled as the evening is heating up.

Rock your tastebuds with a combo of ripe raspberry and litchi, with a touch of rose and juniper. The Rockin’ Raspberry spritzer is low in sugar and moderate in alcohol, the perfect plus one for any occasion.